Inground vehicle lifts

State of the art in vehicle lifting technology.

Manufactured in Germany the Aqua Lift provides best all around accessiblity of any lift design by far. Utilizing nothing more than water and compressed air to operate it also sets a benchmark in safety and environmental standards. 

A popular choice amoung auto recyclers, scissor lifts provide good accessability and functionallity. Almost all the scissor lifts available on the market will not stand up to the rigors of full scale car dismantling, particularly where forklifts are used for loading. However as a result of years of first hand experiance, ARS can recomend the sturdiest design.   

ARS can supply two and four post hoists for any maintainance workshop or dismantling facility.

By making  it possible for the entire treatment and dismantling process to be carried out at the one station, Tilting lifts are the best soultion for high volume ELV recycling facilities as vehicles can be titled on their side as well as raised vertically. 

There are numerous designs that have sort to offer this function however they all have limitatiions that prevent them from providing a total solution. ARS on the other hand has designed the ultimate Tilting Lift. 

Vehicle Lifts for every appliation.



ARS has been actively involved the design, manufacture and testing of lifts to suit applications in the Auto Recycling Industry. 

It can recommend and supply the best type of vehicle lift for your facility.