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The Real Thing!   ELV Multi Dismatling Machines


The world's best vehicle drainage systems

Product Range

Balers for scrap metal and other recycleable materials


 Tyre recycling equipment

 Lifts hoists
 Forklifts + attachments + tyres
 Tanks & systems
  Stainless steel piping 
  Lighting systems
  LED signs neon signs
  Racking systems
  Cat cutting machines
  Hose reels
  Hand tools
  Power tools
  Compressors and air equipment
  Electric vehicles
  Air con equip
  Steel materials
  LPG equipment
  Fuel dispensing equip
  Storage bins
  Oil absorbent 
  Workshop equipment 
  Recycling equipment 
  Oils and consumables
  Electric doors & Gate openers
  Container handling equip
  CCTV equipment
  New parts and accessories
  Rubber hose and fitting
  Battery recycling

Fliud management and storage solutions


Hydraulic Aligator Shears


Hydraulic vehicle lifts for every situation


Industrial Tents / Canopies


Retractable Hose Reels



Shop, warehouse and yard storage systems


Tyre Recycling Systems Equipment


Specialized Forklifts and Materials Handling Equipment


Quality Hand Tools


Truck Weighbridge and Scales


Catalytic Converter Cutters


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