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ARS Storage Tank Systems


ARS has developed cost effective systems to store and manage hazardous and non-hazardous luquids extracted from ELVs.

The tanks were designed to meet international standards for storing hazardous and flamable liquids. All connections are through the top and the double wall design makes them self bunding elimiating the chance of leakage to the evironment. They have a unique outlet arrangement that draws from the floor of the inner liner preventing build up of any type of sediment. Their cube design makes them a practical solution for storing up to 900 litres each and can be linked together to store larger quantities. 



The Tanks can fitted with ARS supplied level sensors and electric ball valves which are conneted to ARS's computor controled level management and monitoring system.  The systems prevents overflows and sends alerts to those responsible.


Pumps can be provided and intergrated into the system to manager the dispensing of the fluids.


A total solution for storing, managing and dispensing recycled fuel.

ARS can supply stainless steel pipe systems with crimp on fittings.

This makes plumbing of the tanks extremely neat and cost effective as it saves installaton time.

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